Monday, 13 August 2012

Beautiful inside and out, Sabrina Kennedy the designer behind BibiRouge Pays it Forward

Sabrina, Me and Kiki
The beauty and brains behind the brand BibiRouge by Sabrina Kennedy, I am ridiculously proud to say, is my little sister Sabrina Kennedy. At the tender age on 19 my sister designed her first dress and only a year and a bit later at the still tender age of 21, she has a gorgeous woman's fashion line and has just done her first fashion show.
                    Sabrina Kennedy in a "Victoria"    
The Fashion show was no normal fashion show and in true Bu style (one of my nick name for her) also came with a strong message of "proudly South African" encouraging young designers and their customers to support local manufacturers (which is a cause very close to Sabrina's heart) and on top of that the fashion show raised money for deaf children who need cochlear implants.                 
                Sabrina, Kiki and Me in a "Bibi"                                              Kiki "Bibi"
Me in a "Michaela"
My brilliant little sister also snagged first prize in the competition set up by the organizers. The evening was seperated into dark and light, with half the designers theming their collection dark and the other half light. Sabrina was dark and won best dark designer overall, as well as winning best dark theme! 
Have I mentioned how proud I am???

Like me my sister enjoys being creative in many different ways and will be creating many different exciting life style brands under 
But for now check out
Like my sister her clothing is Gorgeous, Classy and Sexy, I promise to keep you in the loop for her new line as soon as it come out, so check it out and enjoy, on Sabrina Kennedy's Website:
And on her Facebook page
And on My Walk In Wardrobe
So in honor of my little genius I have worn BibiRouge to every public event I have attended this week!
Me and Kiki at the opening of "Queen at the Ballet"
Interview with QMA rep Anel

In Studio with my Mom, Lauren Wallett, Kiki and my Dad.
Photo's from the run way...

For the millionth time, I couldn't be prouder of my Baby Bu, I wish my now grown up brilliant sister all the very best in everything that she does, may her various brands go from strength to strength, as I know they will and may you all have a fabulous time, looking good and finding your own way of paying it forward...

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